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German 4 – Fluenz


Anybody who’s tried to learn German knows that matching words to pictures or playing with a Lingo-game App are not options to learn the language. English speakers need a sophisticated approach that methodically breaks down the complex grammar and syntax of German in a way that makes sense to them…


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Anybody who’s tried to learn German knows that matching words to pictures or playing with a Lingo-game App are not options to learn the language. English speakers need a sophisticated approach that methodically breaks down the complex grammar and syntax of German in a way that makes sense to them. Those learning with Fluenz at Google, the UN, and Apple know the value of our thorough approach. When the Navy’s Special Warfare Command looked for a serious language learning solution, Fluenz was the answer.


Three Reasons Fluenz Delivers.

1. Understanding German

Fluenz leads learners through a unique path of basic and intermediate German designed for English-speakers. Over hundreds of videos a tutor breaks down the language while offering strategies on everything from sentence construction and comprehension to pronunciation. No other program offers an approach to German conceived from the point of view of English.

2. Targeted Practice

While watching some YouTube and following Slow News can be helpful, internalizing German structures and vocabulary takes much more than that. The Fluenz linguistic model ties hundreds of video explanations to a comprehensive workout platform that allows users to practice exactly what they’re learning and in a way that ties all prior work together. A syntax like that of German can only be mastered by slowly threading every new element with those learned in prior sessions, which is exactly how the Fluenz workouts and Flashcards are designed to work.

3. Fluenz Legacy

For years those truly serious about their German have been praising Fluenz as the most powerful tool to learn that language. Dozens of detailed five-star reviews by Amazon verified buyers and widespread critical acclaim make Fluenz German the top choice by far among English-speakers looking to learn or to improve their German.


F7 is the latest iteration of the world's most sophisticated German-learning program.

Version F7 combines hundreds of updates made throughout the German pedagogical sequences. It includes upgrades to the iPhone and Android apps, allowing the program to seamlessly run on the latest operating systems. And it involves the reconfiguration of our cloud platforms to deliver faster, more resilient interactive content.

The new version has been seamlessly delivered, free of charge, to every single customer that purchased Fluenz starting in February 2007.


Learning German is no small challenge. Fluenz allows you to follow the entire program, including all video tutorials, every single workout, and the assessment tool on all devices. You can start on your desktop or laptop and continue on your iPhone, iPad and/or your Android phone because we know where you left off and where you should continue, regardless of device.

Level 4

Open new doors into travel, business, and community.


  • Discussing family and childhood stories
  • Seasons and climate
  • Talking about clothes, food and travels
  • Handling currency and money-related issues
  • Opening and closing a bank account
  • Navigating city traffic and parking
  • Outdoor activities and planning
  • Describing places and trips: going around cities, beaches, mountains
  • Sports and sports equipment
  • Giving and understanding complex directions


  • New verbs and expressions in the past tense (regular and irregular)
  • Structure of complex verbs with particles
  • Extensive work on German sentence word order
  • Giving advice (should)
  • Geographical terms and cardinal points
  • Expressing emotions and feelings
  • Expressing wishes and desires
  • Time expressions: durations, past and future dates
  • Extensive work on regular and irregular plurals
  • Crucial new prepositions, pronouns and adverbs (places)
  • Using direct and indirect object pronouns
  • Complex comparative and superlative structures
  • Useful colloquial expressions

German 4 dramatically expands your ability with the language. While levels 1, 2 and 3 establish the strongest possible foundation, level 4 builds upon this base to get into areas of substantial complexity. It sums up all the essentials, and expands on them, increasing your vocabulary and areas of competence at a faster pace, to start preparing you for more advanced studies.

Starting with several major reviews and summaries: about prepositions cases, the plural of nouns, and the order of words in German sentences among others, this level then reaches a totally new dimension with the introduction of some key structures and expressions. From the addition of a new case (the genitive) to some crucial verbs and conjunctions, you’ll start being able to express advice, opinions, emotions, as well as to adapt your speech to all types of speakers and interactions. You’ll also work a lot on the past tense throughout the sessions.

These areas of the language fit perfectly with the situations you'll find yourself in as you journey through the level. You'll hold conversations about your family and childhood, cultural issues, interests, and more. At the same time, you will acquire the necessary skills for integrating yourself more deeply in a German-speaking community. You'll learn how to speak about season and climate, open or close a bank account, and handle more complicated issues. German 4 is where you begin to develop the ability to move beyond being just a tourist, student, doctor, or business professional who can capably interact with the German-speaking world: with German 4, you begin to become a part of the community.


Putting our Philosophy to the Test.

Every language learning company has a point of view about how adults can learn a language. For some it’s through games, others rely on lots of practice with little explanations, still others believe that you can teach German to English-speakers in German, without a word of English. We know that the fastest way for an adult to learn a language is by understanding how sentences are formed, questions asked, masculine, feminine and neuter deployed, etc. Because English doesn’t have a lot of these structures, we’re committed to smart, comparative explanations for English speakers that help them understand how everything fits. We then tie those explanations to our comprehensive practice sessions. Yet, we go one step further than all digital language learning companies: we put our philosophy to the test with weekly intense immersions every single month. This is how we’re reminded throughout the year that there is no more effective way to learn. We currently offer Spanish Immersions and plan to roll out to other languages in the future.

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