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Focused + Free 2022 Download – Sarah Masci… Level-up your life and business with the the most comprehensive coaching program for service providers who want to create, launch, refine & scale with VIP Days, Intensives, or Day Rates.

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Focused + Free 2022 – Sarah Masci

Focused + Free 2022 - Sarah Masci

Level-up your life and business with the the most comprehensive coaching program for service providers who want to create, launch, refine & scale with VIP Days, Intensives, or Day Rates.

If you’re ready to STOP…

  • Juggling multiple clients a day, dealing with scope creep and never-ending projects…
  • Feeling like you’re on a never-ending cycle of eat, sleep, work, repeat…
  • Bringing your laptop everywhere you go, just in case a client emergency comes up…
  • Spending hours writing custom proposals, and feeling like you’re nickel and diming your clients for all their little requests…
  • Spending your nights and weekends ignoring your friends and family because you’re working on client deadlines…
  • Filling your hard drive with all those “final_final_final_clientname.jpg” files that are collecting dust and taking up space…

… Then you are ready for Focused + Free™

When we’re done working together, you will…

➡️ Have a refined and optimized VIP Day flagship offer that you consistently sell with ease and confidence.

➡️ Be known for something, in a specific niche, with a specific offer, with new leads coming through the door every single week.

➡️ Have your entire onboarding, offboarding and automation systems fully setup, creating a seamless workflow and client experience.

➡️ Have your new boundaries and SOP’s locked and loaded so that you know exactly what to say and do every step of the way, over the 60-90 day client journey.

➡️ Have the dreamiest clients RAVING about you and your incredible VIP service, telling all their friends about you and coming back for more.

➡️ Be on track and focused on your goals, with the right scaling strategy and action steps to easily blow six-figures out of the water with VIP Days and complementary digital products.

➡️ Be able to plan WAY ahead with your schedule, take tons of time off, and know exactly how much you’re going to make every month.


World-Class Curriculum

In addition to our signature course, Get Booked By The Day™, and our new roadmap, the Day Rate Growth S.C.A.L.E., templates and swipe files, you will also have complete access to our library of advanced resources, all designed to help you seriously level-up your VIP Day business – including our Daily Mindset Shift, monthly guest experts, masterclasses and more!

Private Coaching Calls & Critiques

During your six months in the program, you’ll have several key milestones to hit, and we want to ensure you’re on the right track from the very beginning. Private on-boarding and milestone calls are designed to uniquely guide your implementation of the program, help you stay focused and answer any personalized questions you have.

Direct Access to Sarah

Have a more personal question that you don’t feel comfortable sharing in the group? We understand that you might have something personal you need support with, which is why each client has private Voxer or Slack (your choice) access for those instances where you need more personalized support.

Community & Connection

Craving more connection with your peers? The Focused + Free Community, along with our alumni group, is where so much of the magic happens! Get to know Sarah, the team, and each other on a deeper level, support one another, partner up on projects, share leads and tips, get your questions answered, and cultivate those lifelong biz bestie relationships!

Group Coaching Calls

I get it, Zoom fatigue is real. This is why we have all of the above ways to support you day to day. But we’ll still come together at least twice per month, where Sarah will deep dive into your biggest business-related questions, whether they’re about your VIP Day offer, or something else. You can watch or listen to the time-stamped replay if you can’t make it live, plus access our database of Q&A calls from the past 2 years.

Mastermind Pods

We’ve personally experienced so much transformation from being in peer-led masterminds, and we want you to experience this as well. Within your first 30 days, you will be assigned to a small, like-minded mastermind pod, where you’ll be able to have even more time together. We will give you suggested mastermind guidelines, but ultimately you get to decide when, where and how often you meet.

Weekly Co-Working Sessions

We absolutely LOVE taking messy, imperfect action, and we highly encourage it! Our weekly co-working sessions are a great opportunity to do exactly that. We make an effort to host these almost every week at various days and times! If we’re not hosting one, we encourage our clients to get together and do their own. Some clients have told us this is one of their favorite elements of the program!

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Focused + Free 2022 - Sarah Masci
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