Five Elements Virtual Workshop: The Metal Element – Bruce Frantzis



Five Elements Virtual Workshop: The Metal Element – Bruce Frantzis


[ Pre-Order ] Five Elements Virtual Workshop: The Metal Element – Bruce Frantzis… Even though times have been challenging for all of us recently. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to connect and train with you all this autumn.


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Five Elements Virtual Workshop: The Metal Element – Bruce Frantzis

Five Elements Virtual Workshop: The Metal Element - Bruce Frantzis


Energy Arts presents




with Bruce Frantzis & Senior Instructor Craig Barnes


 Thank you for attending our recent Earth element workshop!

We hope that you enjoyed the course. At the request of several students over the weekend, we’re making available the recording of the virtual workshop on the Metal Element. You’ll find all of the info on the course below. Please ignore any info on live broadcast, as this event has already taken place, and you will be receiving recordings only. As a special thank you, you will also receive a $100 appreciation credit at checkout. Enjoy!


Explore how qigong and taoist Meditation can help you embody a fuller, happier, and healthier Life.

Without a doubt, 2020 has been the near definition of living in “interesting times.” Almost everyone has felt the emotional and physical effects due to a dramatic surge in uncertainty, anxiety, confusion, and even despair.

To reclaim a sense of well-being and bring back your strength, focus, and stability to optimal levels, it’s important to work in harmony with the elements that exist within you and around you during each season.

Working in harmony with the elements has always been a hallmark of traditional Taoist energy work and a way of boosting a practitioner’s health and performance to their full potential. Chinese medicine and cosmology recognize five key elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

When the metal energy is strong and balanced in your body, you have the increased ability to remain focused in spite of the changing world around you, persevere regardless of unstable circumstances, and drastically decrease anxiety/fear.

In order to help you achieve these levels of stability and strength, I will be introducing you to the most essential metal element practices. These practices include using Taoist standing postures (including “San Ti” or “The King of Postures”), Taoist sitting meditation, and basic movement exercises rooted in the internal martial arts of Hsing-I and I Chuan. These teachings are appropriate for all ages and levels of ability.

The purpose of this special elemental virtual workshop is to give you practical tools to work with the energy of the metal element in ways that support a body and mind that is clear, stable, and strong. These qualities in turn create an internal landscape of stability and calm even when the external world can seem out of control.

This Five Elements Virtual Workshop will take place over the course of one weekend and will include follow-up practice exercises to help you integrate everything you just learned.

Here is what we’ll be covering together
in the upcoming Five Elements Workshop:

Introductory Quickstart Session:
Immediate Access 
to a 60-minute, pre-workshop training taught by Master Frantzis.

November 13 – 15, 2020:
3-Day Virtual Workshop including over 10 hours of teachings, taught live by Master Frantzis and Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

November 17-19, 2020:
3-Days of Guided Practices 
includes three guided practice sessions to implement and carry forward everything you learned during the weekend workshop, led by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

During this workshop, you will receive Live lessons taught by expert trainers. you will also receive recordings and lifetime access.

Even though times have been challenging for all of us recently. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to connect and train with you all this autumn.

Working with the energy of the current season is not only a healthy practice in the moment, but it also allows you to set the stage for fully harnessing the energy and positive potential of the next season and year. In this case, fortifying your system to embrace the water of winter flowing into a new year with ease and strength.

In appreciation,

Bruce Frantzis and Craig Barnes

P.S. Full digital recordings will be provided to attendees after each live-stream training for a practice and review reference. These recordings are downloadable and yours to keep forever.


Access 10+ Hours of Live and Downloadable Teachings

The Power of Qigong Standing Postures

Standing postures are one of the most effective and powerful ways to develop your Yang Chi and inner strength. Standing postures are the key to experiencing mind and body unification, and are crucial to learn because they help lay the foundation for all other neigong practices to come. During this training you will learn:

  • The most important standing postures that you can incorporate into your practice
  • How to identify where in your body you are stuck and out of alignment
  • Why this is the most effective and simplest way to identify your chi
  • How to use standing postures to open up specific energetics within the body
  • How to build and balance your chi with standing practices

Taoist Meditation & Connecting to the Metal Element

Using Taoist meditation to connect with the Metal element is a unique practice that is designed to enhance the continuity of the mind. When the mind and awareness are developed in this way your ability for sustained focus, critical thinking, and productive emotional expression are significantly increased. During this training you will learn:

  • How to recognize and work with the energy of the Metal Element
  • How to become more present and as a result begin bringing more joy into your life as well as strength and focus into your life
  • Taoist meditations to encourage emotional balance and resiliency
  • How the metal element can help you become more connected to your body, breath, and energy(chi)
  • How to overcome and move through anxiety, stress, and uncertainty

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