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  • This course is available – Download immediately
  • Same author: David Hamilton
  • Lifetime support – Unlimited downloads.
  • The quality exactly the same as salepage
  • Over +12,000 Courses, AudioBooks, eBooks available.

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“Who Else Wants To Defeat Social Anxiety Or Extreme Shyness To Finally Be As Confident As You Want To Be….Even If You Are Frustrated, Hopeless and Doubting You’ll Make Any Progress!”

Dear Social Anxiety (And/Or Shyness) Sufferer,

How would you like to overcome your social anxiety and solve your shyness issues …once and for all?

My name is David Hamilton, and I was PAINFULLY SHY and SOCIALLY ANXIOUS for over 20 years, and didn’t even know that it was possible to BECOME REALLY OUTGOING and SOMEONE PEOPLE WERE LINING UP TO MEET.

I just thought being shy and anxious around people was just WHO I WAS.

Being socially AWKWARD AND NERVOUS in social situations was tough – very tough.

It seemed like there was no way out. I was super shy and awkward, freezing up, not knowing what to do or say in almost every social situation I encountered. It didn’t matter if I was talking to guys or girls, I felt like I was weird, strange and everyone could see it.

Or sometimes I felt totally invisible to people.

I thought that being painfully shy and nervous was something that I would just have to put up with – FOREVER.

But I wasn’t willing to accept that….and I knew something HAD TO CHANGE…

…otherwise I’d never be the confident person I wanted to be or have the life I truly wanted!

“Then I Discovered The Root Source Of Social Anxiety & Shyness Problems That Would Guarantee I’d Crossover Into Confidence No Matter What…”

I’m talking about fixing the inner psychology & external behaviors that were stopping me from being the confident person I wanted to be, of course!

I tried lots of lots of things on my own, until one day I read a very detailed description of what someone that was cripplingly shy and socially anxious feels like on the inside.

My jaw dropped and chills went up my spine. I thought “OH MAN! That’s me EXACTLY, right there on that page!”

It was then and there that I decided I was going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to beat my shyness and social anxiety – once and for all!

After 20 years of struggle, I knew THERE HAD TO BE A WAY. So I got my hands on the right information and techniques from several different expert sources, combined with what I had learned over the years, and I applied it myself to beat shyness and anxiousness forever.

It was hard at first. But very quickly the techniques I was using STARTED TO WORK LIKE MAGIC. I started to let go of the layers of self-doubt and social fear that haunted me for years and years. Now, all I had to do was be more of what I was already beneath the surface. After all that, there was a charming and socially charismatic person underneath that people love all along!

I had finally discovered all the keys of how to to let go of self-doubt and tap into the NATURAL SOCIAL POWER that we all have. The social power and confidence that can turn you into a total people magnet, wherever you go.


I was connecting better with my bosses and co-workers. They totally loved me now.

I could meet people anywhere I went – whether out at a coffee shop, a bar or even grocery shopping. I could make new friends everywhere, whether at a social gathering or taking a class in school. Both men and women wanted to hang out with me, so I was making more male friends, getting more dates with women all at once. I was connecting with people like never before, and they instantly liked me!

I was no longer the weirdo in the corner who felt invisible to people.

Now I WAS THE ONE introducing myself, I was leading the conversation and people were following me, instead of me following them all the time.

I felt a deep and strong sense of freedom and self-confidence that I hadn’t felt before. I felt more powerful and alive than ever before!

It was unbelievable. I truly felt like I was living in the best dream ever, that became actual reality.

I went from being painfully shy to living a new world of total social glory quicker than I had ever thought possible.

Even if I did feel nervous around people it didn’t matter, because I could do and say what I wanted to – now in any social situation.

It was REALLY, REALLY WEIRD like an alternate reality, because I had cracked the code.

Not only that but it was like the anxious thoughts and fears became a whisper in the background until they DISSOLVED COMPLETELY, as if on their own.

People I talked to OPENED UP to me in a way they never did before.

My shyness was no longer in control of me, I was in control of my social life!

I felt this new power and it was an attractive and magnetic effect everywhere I went.

And now I am sharing all that I have learned with you.

“…Introducing The Dissolve Social Anxiety Program To Help You Overcome Your Social Anxiety, Shyness and Confidence Issues FASTER Than You Ever Dreamed Possible…”

The Dissolve Social Anxiety program is a comprehensive online course, packed with twelve (12) powerful & actionable lessons full of the step-by-step information, strategies and techniques you need to help you overcome your social anxiety, shyness and self-confidence issues around people from any walk of life.

Whether you have been painfully shy, fighting the inner demons of anxiety or socially awkward for 15 days…or 15 years…or even longer…

…I know EXACTLY what you have been going through.

If you tell yourself that it’s who you are and you have to “deal with it,” for the rest of your life, like I did for years, then let’s face it, that’s not “dealing” with anything – it’s just suffering, plain and simple.

IMAGINE: no more anxiety, shyness or a lack of confidence holding you back from being the confident person you want to be…and living the life you want!

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can become the outgoing and social person you’ve always dreamed of being, everywhere you go. Yes, EVERYWHERE.

That’s why I put over six months of time and hard effort to develop the Dissolve Social Anxiety program to help you beat your social anxiety and shyness issues.

“…Here’s How Dissolve Social Anxiety Can Help You Get Your Life Back From Social Anxiety And/Or Shyness…”

  • Get to the ROOT of your shyness and anxiety so you can get beyond fear and self-doubt.
  • Find out why it’s NOT YOU that’s the cause of your social awkwardness
  • Get SOCIAL CONFIDENCE in the way that works best for you, not someone else (this is not a cookie cutter approach I’m teaching here.)
  • BREAKDOWN BAD BELIEFS that fuel shyness and social anxiety, to start making changes immediately.
  • Discover how emotions are controlling you, and learn how to stop emotions from controlling you in social situations.
  • Discover how emotions are controlling you, and learn how to stop emotions from controlling you in social situations.
  • Develop new SOCIAL SKILLS that you have never used before, to draw people into conversations with you with ease and effortlessness.
  • Learn and MAXIMIZE YOUR SOCIAL SAVVY to a razor’s edge level – to have great social interactions with anyone.
  • Live life full out where YOU ARE IN CHARGE, not your shyness and social anxiety.
  • Become the truly ATTRACTIVE AND CHARISMATIC PERSON you have always wanted to be.

“…You’ll Receive INSTANT Access To The Following When You Sign Up For Dissolve Social Anxiety…”

  • Instant Access to Twelve (12) life-changing modules to build the skill set to finally dissolve your social anxiety
  • Practical & EXPERIENTIAL learning – guided exercises to help create powerful beliefs, eliminate anxiety, and create new possibilities for TOTAL SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SOCIAL ACTION
  • Each module has homework to help reinforce the learning, along with practices to support you in demolishing your shyness and to TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOUR SOCIAL LIFE
  • Complete with Video Modules, downloadable MP3 Audio files, PDF handouts (Just your web browser and Adobe Reader are required)
  • Instant delivery with a personal membership login for the modules
  • Modules designed for progress at weekly pace (minimum recommended, even though you get Instant Access to all modules) – but you can choose your own pace.

“…With Dissolve Social Anxiety You’ll Get Progress & Achieve Results in Overcoming Shyness And/Or Social Anxiety Like Never Before!

Without a doubt the Dissolve Social Anxiety program is valued at at least $297.00, and has normally gone for $77.00.

But in order to help even MORE people I’ve decided to lower the price to just $47!

And yes, when you order today you will get all the bonuses (total value $75) listed above totally FREE.

But you need to act now.

So don’t wait, if you’ve read this far then I know that the Dissolve Social Anxiety program will be an enormous help to you!

Just imagine feeling calmer, more peaceful and more confident within a matter of hours.

Think of how AMAZING it will feel to be able to talk to people without anxiety stopping you, or awkward and shy behaviors putting them off.

Imagine how awesome it will be that you can interact with people from all walks of life, whether family or friends, meeting new people, co-workers or bosses…even people you are attracted to with more confidence and ease than ever before!

You will love who you become when you apply what’s inside the Dissolve Social Anxiety program – because you made a wise investment in it!

Your amazing new confidence journey begins now.

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