CreativeLive – Shoot- Outdoor Location – Roberto Valenzuela



CreativeLive – Shoot- Outdoor Location – Roberto Valenzuela



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Learn A Practical, Repeatable Method.

How do you handle shooting a wedding in a less than perfect location? What's the best way to get the perfect pose for a special image? Join international award-winning photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Roberto Valenzuela as he shows you how to take the guesswork out of maximizing your location and determining the best way to pose your subjects.

In this class, Roberto will show you​:

  • How to identify the elements at a location you can use to enhance and the ones that you should minimize and avoid
  • The best way to look at posing by arranging each body part until you have the pose you want
  • The way to practice and use his methods to create your own style

By the end of this class, you'll be able to approach your next wedding with ​confidence.


1 Class IntroductionDuration:49:22

2 Location VocabularyDuration:28:42

3 Posing Anchor PointsDuration:23:46

Learn the specific parts of the body to pay attention to ensure you are getting a high quality shot.

4 Student Photo Review and DemoDuration:43:36

5 Student Shoot: LibraryDuration:51:19

6 Student Shoot: PatioDuration:17:32

7 Shoot: Outdoor LocationDuration:20:27

Student Shoot: Outdoor LocationDuration:42:17

9 Roberto's Wedding EvolutionDuration:12:15

10 Posing Principles DiscussionDuration:23:55

11 Image ReviewDuration:14:27

12 Posing Example ImagesDuration:25:12

13 More Posing ExamplesDuration:41:38

14 The Posing ChartDuration:34:04

15 Student Shoot: Individual PortraitsDuration:33:11

16 Student Shoot: Facing Each Other; Him Behind HerDuration:22:59

17 Student Shoot: T Pose; Foreground/BackgroundDuration:22:54

18 Student Shoot: Photojournalistic StyleDuration:24:49

19 Student Shoot: Kiss AnticipationDuration:09:06

20 Roberto's First PhotosDuration:14:29

21 Image ReviewDuration:21:46

22 Morning Q&ADuration:13:28

23 Light & ShadowDuration:23:26

24 Self Dialogue GameDuration:15:51

25 Beauty Through AnglesDuration:14:36

26 Shoot: Creative LightingDuration:36:41

27 Student Shoot: From Bad to GoodDuration:09:54

28 Student Shoot: Portrait with Lens FlareDuration:18:01

29 Student Shoot: Perspective Through AnglesDuration:13:35

30 Student Shoot: Transforming a LocationDuration:21:13

31  Practice & ApplicationDuration:29:17


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