Chinese Medical Theory – Damo Mitchell – Xian Tian



Chinese Medical Theory – Damo Mitchell – Xian Tian


[ Pre-Order ] Chinese Medical Theory – Damo Mitchell – Xian Tian…Though the program in Chinese Medical Theory was primarily designed as the first module in our three-year professional training in Chinese medicine


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Chinese Medical Theory – Damo Mitchell – Xian Tian


  • 12-Month long Online Training
  • Suitable for Students of Chinese Medicine
  • Foundation Module for Professional Training

On this page, you could discover approximately our 12-month lengthy Online module in Chinese Medical Theory. Sign as much as this module to get hold of weekly instructions that are taught through Damo Mitchell. Each week, Damo takes individuals thru a 60-ninety minute lengthy lesson masking a distinct factor of Chinese remedy. Over the route of a year, college students will examine University-stage instructions on underlying theories of Chinese remedy in addition to how the frame works, what illness is and the way wellbeing is known in accordance to conventional Chinese principles.

This software will function the inspiration level of getting to know for all individuals of our professionally regarded courses.

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Though the program in Chinese Medical Theory was primarily designed as the first module in our three-year professional training in Chinese medicine, it is also suitable for other people as well. Since the first-year is focused upon understanding the foundation theory of Chinese medicine, people who don’t wish to be therapists but who want to have an understanding of Chinese medicine may also wish to take this program. This list of people could include:

  • Perspective practitioners of Chinese Medicine
  • Qigong practitioners who want a better theoretical understanding to what they are doing
  • Qigong teachers who wish to understand the nature of health according to Chinese principles
  • Practitioners of another therapy such as western massage who wish to also learn Chinese medical theory
  • Shiatsu practitioners who feel they want more detailed instruction on Chinese medical theory
  • Current practitioners who wish to revisit their foundations

Theory Module Syllabus:

The first module – Chinese Medical Theory – covers the following aspects of Chinese medical theory in great detail. Damo talks through each subject in great detail over 52 easy-to-learn-from videos.

  • Yin Yang Theory
  • Jing, Qi, Blood & Fluids
  • Wu Xing Theory
  • Zang Fu organs
  • Extra-ordinary Fu
  • Pathogenic Theory
  • Psychology + The Human Mind
  • Spiritual Health
  • Six Divisions Theory
  • Eight Principles Theory
  • Food Theory
  • Dream Analysis
  • Menstrual Health
  • Pregnancy & the Lunar Months
  • Body Fluids & Pathology

The Program

  • Weekly Video lesson of between approx 60-90 minutes each week
  • Step-by-Step ongoing courses in Chinese Medical Theory
  • In-depth Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
  • Insight into ancient theories of Health and Wellness
  • Taught by Lifetime practitioner of the Asian Arts
  • Exclusive Online Community Access
  • Classical Yang Sheng (life nourishing) Principles
  • Clear guidence on both the How and the Why of Chinese medical theory

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