Beyond Flexibility – Karin Dimitrovova



Beyond Flexibility – Karin Dimitrovova


Beyond Flexibility – Karin Dimitrovova… Don’t get me wrong – yoga offered me A LOT – in terms of initial strength, mental clarity and sense of calm. Yoga, in its essence, is not just a physical practice.

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Beyond Flexibility – Karin Dimitrovova

Beyond Flexibility - Karin Dimitrovova

Beyond Flexibility is an effective mobility & flexibility system that helps you increase range of motion, get rid of pain and achieve your movement goals (such as splits and backbends) – with the least amount of time invested.

Can you relate to any of this? Are you..

  • A beginner wanting to improve your mobility and flexibility but you don’t know where to begin?
  • ​Frustrated with not seeing any progress in your general flexibility, backbends and splits even though you have been putting in the work for months or even years?
  • Discouraged that you cannot keep up with the teacher and others in your yoga (or a movement) class?
  • ​Tired of feeling pain in your hips, neck or spine that is preventing you from moving with ease and enjoying your life?
  • Stuck because you think you “could never do that” as you’re not naturally flexible?
  • ​Tired of not progressing in your sport (CrossFit, martial arts, dance, weight lifting, etc.) as you’re lacking the needed range of motion?

Contrary to what people say, you’re not doomed because of your genetics and it DOESN’T have to take you years to reach your goal.

The traditional “just stretch” approach is not so effective at best and can lead to unnecessary injuries at worst.. (I learnt this the hard way)

I have been on the “stretching and practicing yoga” bandwagon for years (I fell in love with the yoga practice so much I even started teaching it) but despite my efforts, I was still not at the physical level I wanted to be.

Splits were just a dream and my backbends were far away from being comfortable. 

Don’t get me wrong – yoga offered me A LOT – in terms of initial strength, mental clarity and sense of calm. Yoga, in its essence, is not just a physical practice.

BUT at the same time, I craved more in terms of my body. Especially flexibility & ease when doing certain moves.

I was not getting the results I wanted and on top of that, I started getting injured..

My hamstrings were constantly flaring up because of all the stretching I was doing during my yoga practice.

Only later on I learnt that the reason for this was because my muscles were simply weak. Focusing just on passive flexibility is not well a balanced approach to increasing range of motion.

Things changed for me when I got fed up enough with not seeing progress and started to look for other ways to gain the level of flexibility I was after..

Instead of going to my yoga teachers for help (whose answer on the topic was something along the lines of “just keep practicing and it will come..”), I spoke to coaches that specialize in gymnastics, mobility and functional movement.

And thanks to them, I started discovering the magic of mobility training and active, dynamic and loaded stretching. After I implemented these techniques and were given a structured plan to follow (very important piece!), things started moving rather quickly and I got my splits in a matter of 3 months.

Important note: In no way I’m promising you a “quick fix” result with this program. Flexibility and mobility is a journey that should not be rushed. But! I want you to know that sometimes results might take less time than we think and if you’re not seeing progress in your current practice, you should think of changing it up.

This is the reason why I created “Beyond Flexibility” and why so many students (over 40,000 right now) have such a great success with it.

After discovering all these tools and experiencing the profound difference it made in my practice, I started teaching the principles through focused workshops and “deep dive” classes. And now, I’m sharing this very same practice with you.

Mobility Routines for all levels to stretch, strengthen and feel good!

These mobility routines are perfect both for complete beginners AND advanced practitioners who are looking for releasing tension, injury prevention and developing better range of motion. Say good-bye to stiffness and welcome ease into your life.

“Advanced Moves” Routines to progress in backbends and splits

If you’re looking after developing your splits and backbends, look not further, these routines are for you. Expect a lot of active stretching and mobility work. No yoga, rather something that would be taught in a mobility / gymnastics / circus / movement class.

Theory videos so you understand the strategy behind your training 

There’s one thing that sets apart those that are successful from those that aren’t and that is consistency. You have to show up. And I believe that it’s much easier to show up for yourself and practice if you really understand what’s going on and WHY is the practice going to benefit you. That’s why in these videos I’m explaining you all you need to know about stretching, flexibility and mobility.

Proper programming with various focuses so you can progress in the most effective way

Creating just drills or sequences without proper programming to get to your goal would be a half-assed job. Proper programming is something that sets apart an okay program from an excellent one. When you sign up, you will get access to 7 different programs (based on your focus or level – such as “I’m a complete beginner” program, backbending program etc). I advise to stay on one program (focus) for at least 3-4 weeks before choosing another one.

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