Amazon Bundling Course – Leanna Crocco



Amazon Bundling Course – Leanna Crocco


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What is Bundling?
  • All about bundling (8:46)
  • Amazon Bundling Policy (18:18)
  • My Approach to Bundling and more…


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Amazon Bundling Course – Leanna Crocco

Amazon Bundling Course - Leanna Crocco

SIDESTEP YOUR COMPETITION with Amazon Bundling! If you struggle with being creative, trying to think up a bundle idea, listing your own product or you have never listed a completely new product on Amazon, it can be a challenge, this workshop is for you!

Learn the RIGHT WAY to create profitable bundles that sell all-year-long, seasonal items or maximize your own inventory.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome (1:59)
What is Bundling?
  • All about bundling (8:46)
    Amazon Bundling Policy (18:18)
    My Approach to Bundling
Get Ready and be Organized!
  • Gathering information (5:13)
  • Trello (12:47)
  •  My Extensions | Tools
Find bundle opportunities!
  • Look for Bundle Opportunities (7:04)
  • Beginning Activity (3:13)
  • Now what? (5:36)
Brands vs. Keywords
  • What does Brand vs Keyword Mean? (3:22)
  • What does “anchor item” mean (3:05)
  • Sourcing by Keywords (14:03)
Online Sourcing & Reverse Sourcing Bundles
  • Seasonal Sourcing Example: (Valentine’s) (38:49)
  • Over the shoulder sourcing ideas (22:38)
  • Research Research Validating (27:06)
  • Pricing for Profit (12:58)
  • Keyword Worksheet
Wholesale Sourcing
  • Power of Wholesale Accounts (28:15)
  • Wholesale List (24)
  • Wholesale Phone
  • Wholesale Email
Creating a Listing
  • Recap before Listing (7:18)
  • UPC Codes or GTIN Exemptions
  • Gather Keywords for Listing (25:07)
  • Steps to Create a New Product Listing (17:48)
  • Online Tools for Image Editing (19:08)
  • Creating a Listing (23:12)
How to bundle product for shipping!
  • Prep & Ship Bundle
Advertising – Amazon PPC (Paid Per Click)
  • PPC Presentation (18:02)
  • Go for It! Thank you! (0:48)

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