Accelerate Wealth 4 pay – Julie Renee



Accelerate Wealth 4 pay – Julie Renee


Accelerate Wealth 4 pay – Julie Renee… You can use the power of the Quantum Field and the incredible spiritual tool you master in the program called ‘mock ups’ in so many different ways. Bring in a love relationship, better health, more money…

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Accelerate Wealth 4 pay – Julie Renee

Accelerate Wealth 4 pay - Julie Renee

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Wealth Now?
21 Day Program + 4 Sessions of
LIVE Clearings with Julie Renee!

Stop the madness! Stop taking ineffectual trainings and getting coached on how to make money fast with little or no sustainable results. If you haven’t made enough money to live the lifestyle of your dreams it’s not your fault. Or for that matter your coach’s fault. You may have problem soul contracts and debilitating DNA programs ‘running’ in your body and field that prevent you from stepping into your powerful fully expressed life.

Here’s what we are up to in your 4 training sessions:

Training One: Focus and Follow through with program and action steps, ease with creating mockups, ability to bring in money, hold onto it and grow it. Removing land and soul family/spousal soul family entitlements for less than a fully self-expressed abundant life. Internal restructuring 100% committed to me and my best life!

Training Two: Multiple streams of income creating a firm foundation for financial ease and fortification, magnetic to wealth in all areas. Removing family entitlements and projections for lower functioning life, increasing my ability to be ready for all goodness and to receive it when it comes with open heart. Embracing and integrating wealth, love, health and all areas of balance and abundance.

Training Three: Fully supported well-connected ease with learning new success systems for driving my wealth, marketing, job interviewing, and training selections. Removing all projection, entitlements and especially controlling rays. Being fully in the know, how do I accomplish my vision, a clear path of awareness and action.

Training Four: External restructuring to creating and living into helpful structures for focus follow through and full self-expression. Fully able to stay on my path removing self-sabotage, self doubt and the negative influence of apathy as well impervious to negative family members and co workers. Able to deflect without any permeation to my vision holding my high vibrational state and wellness of spirit in body.

NEW Advanced Wealth Trainings for 2020

  1. Aligning with purpose
  2. Getting priorities straight
  3. Quantum confidence
  4. Is that my thought or something else
  5. Focus and follow through to the completion of a goal asking for help
  6. Committing to a higher purpose
  7. Self love and money
  8. The ABC’s of a powerful effective doable mock up
  9. Out of the darkness into the night light
  10. The role of hope in achieving miraculous goals
  11. Difficulties, best approach
  12. Pearls before swine
  13. Are you doing or are you the doer?
  14. I walk in the park
  15. Overcoming weariness
  16. The power of truth
  17. How to manifest miracles daily
  18. Beyond your mock up what happens when you’ve attained your goals what’s beyond
  19. Spirit in body Life-force momentum
  20. Writing a new story
  21. Out of the ashes
  22. What’s next…

Realize & Manifest Your Dreams

As I removed these programs possibilities opened up that were not available prior to these clearings. One such opening was the inspirational radio and global tele-summit interviews. Having attempted to go into a global market three years ago and been unsuccessful then, now the gateways flew open and I was immediately booked on 70 radio shows immediately followed by global tele summit exposure where I help shows break records in both sales and number of listens. I was even booked on several stages and local TV shows.

What this meant for me is the realization and manifestation of what had been a dream for many years. I began to have a much larger reach ~ greater influence with leaders and a larger group of students and clients to work with. I became the global thought leader I always knew myself to be. With a bigger reach I could help others make their Quantum Leaps too! There is nothing better then helping others grow.

Accomplish Your Quantum Shift & Attain Your Goals

It’s possible for the most hopeless and for the one on the verge of greatness. Quantum shifts are for everyone ready for a better richer more joyous life!

Asked Yourself ~ Is the 21 day Wealth Acceleration program right for me?

  • I’ve felt imprisoned
  • held back
  • stuck
  • restrained
  • unable to move myself forward
  • unable to accomplish my goals

If so, this program is the answer!

What will you learn?

You can use the power of the Quantum Field and the incredible spiritual tool you master in the program called ‘mock ups’ in so many different ways. Bring in a love relationship, better health, more money ~ sustainable and amplifiable, a new job or better career, sell things, open and receive new opportunities and so much more. It’s how the quantum field works. What you’re focused on and amplifying the field through some very specific techniques is what manifests.

In addition to the field amplification and refining mock ups that’s offered in the original 21 day Accelerate Wealth program you also get the added benefit of having the wealth clearings done by me personally!

We’ll clear slave and indentured servitude pictures from your DNA and past lives, problems with communication and programs that lead to a leaky bank account (you know the one that never seems to sustain money even if you bring it in ok). We’ll be working on clearing fame and celebrity and of an ability to be seen and be heard in the public. This was one issue I had to work on myself being quite introverted.

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